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Why you should be concerned by the GDPR even if your company is not located in the EU

The European personal data protection directive of 24 October 1995 applied to data processing carried out by companies, i.e. data controllers, located within the European Union. Data processing activities carried out by data controllers located outside of the EU were generally not subject to the provisions of the European directive as ...

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How to prepare for GDPR compliance and be ready by May 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in the European Union in less than a year from now, on 25th May 2018. (1) The GDPR is a thorough and complex reform of data privacy law, which means that companies have to get organised to be compliant and ready by ...

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From science fiction to law: the European Parliament proposes a legal framework for robotics

On 16 February 2017, the European Parliament adopted a resolution which includes a series of recommendations to the European Commission regarding civil law rules on robotics. (1) With this document, the Parliament calls on the Commission to submit a proposal for a directive. These recommendations have been under review for two years, a ...

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Choosing an out-of-court procedure to recover domain names : a fast and cost effective process

 Cybersquatting consists in the practice of registering domain names using unauthorized third-party trademarks. The cybersquatter may then try to resell the domain names to their rights owners. Some cybersquatters use these “fraudulent” domain names to redirect online traffic to websites distributing similar competing products or services, while other cybersquatters ...

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ICANN - The end of the US administration oversight on the internet

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a US-based not-for-profit public-benefit corporation which includes participants from all over the world. ICANN’s role has been to manage internet governance and to coordinate the global internet's systems of unique identifiers (allocation and assignment of domain names, internet protocol (...

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